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June 2005
Round table: “The referendum regarding the European Constitution, France, 29th of May, explanations and conclusions.”

May 2005
Colloquium “From Signing the Treaty to a Successful Integration in the United Europe”

April 2005
Conference in Cluj -“The European Integration, countdown for Romania.”

March 2005
Conference «The future of Europe. What kind of Romania in what kind of Europe?»

October 2004
French - Romanian conference in partnership with the European Movement

September 2004
Ithaka Foundation and the British Council: debate on "Current EU Policy Issues: A UK Perspective", held at the Titulescu Foundation



Action plan ITHAKA 2005


  1. Introduction
    1. Our accomplishments since December 2002;
    2. Our ambitions for 2005;
  2. Ithaka Foundation, an undeniable tool in EU /Romania relationships;
  3. Program:
    1. Training
      1. « Europa Noastra » : Debates between journalists and students in journalism on the current EU agenda;
      2. Ithaka summer school ;
      3. « European funding, from aid funds to structural funds »: a cycle of conferences in the major Romanian University centers;
      4. The Harvard Leadership Program;
    2. Events
      1. Paris Conference: European dynamics in Romania in 2005;
      2. October 2005: London Conference;
      3. June 2005 : Press trips in Paris and Bruxelles;
    3. Publications
      1. New words for Europe volume 2;
      2. European funding study; presentation of an ISPA infrastructure funding : a reprocessing plant in Piatra Neamt;
      3. Follow up of the Moscovici rapport on Romania's progress towards accession ;
  4. Our team
  5. Media partners


Since its commencement in December 2002, the Ithaka Foundation has

  1. organized five European conferences
    • December 16th 2002- « United Europe - Promoting the EU enlargement process in Romania and Bulgaria » (Bucharest, Crowne Plaza);
    • June 30th 2003-"United Europe: Promoting the EU Enlargement Process in Romania and Bulgaria the Europa Page/ Conclusions of the Hellenic Presidency of the EU" (Bucharest, The Diplomatic Club);
    • 12-13th march 2004- « Which Romania in which Europe? United Europe in the eyes of young Romanians»; in partnership with the Robert Schuman foundation, (Bucharest, The Parliament Palace);
    • September 23rd 2004 - « Current EU Policies, a UK Perspective", in partnership with the British Council, (Bucharest, The Titulescu Foundation);
    • 9th November 2004 - « The Future of Europe? The European Constitution, European identities and European citizenship », (Paris, IEP de Paris), special guest: Mr Alexandru Farcas, Romania's Minister for European Integration;
  2. selected de 20 journalists having started a professional training on EU affairs;
  3. accompanied and promoted 12 Romanian students having represented Romania at the Convention for the Future of Europe (Youth Conventionals in Paris and Rome.);
  4. published the first book from the collection « New words for Europe»;

Our ambition for 2005:

The Ithaka Foundation works to assist and encourage the young generation to make its voice heard in Romania and in United Europe by developing new ways of action and lobbying in favor of the integration process in the EU, gathering together organizations and individuals dedicated to this objective.

The Ithaka Foundation proposes for 2005 an action plan in continuity with its achievements of 2003-2004 (conferences, trainings, publications...), elaborated upon consultation with its partners.

In this context, the Ithaka Foundation is acting to assist the integration process two folded:

By offering the Romanian civil society and especially the younger generation the necessary analytical and critical tools to become an active voice in the dialogue with the United Europe;

By illustrating the Romanian contribution to this dialogue, by organizing public events in Romania and in the European Union.

This program offers implicitly a strong base of communication for its partners.

The Foundation will continue to promote to the Romanian and European institutions the positions of its partners and to facilitate personal contacts.


II. The Ithaka Foundation, an undeniable tool within the EU/Romania relationships

As you are aware, 2005 is marked by the arrival to power of a new leading team, working owards Romania's integration into the EU and towards bringing the country into modernity.

In this context, our mission is more than ever to liaise and maintain contacts between the political community and the foundation partners, the business community, the media and its Euro-Atlantic partners.

The Ithaka Foundation will work closely with the main decision makers and political leaders within the new leading teams to create the most favorable climate in order to find a better mutual comprehension and a true dialogue between the various actors of the Romanian and EU political, economic and social life.




1. « Europa Noastra » : Debates between journalists and Journalism students on the current EU agenda.

In Romania, there is a scarce group of journalists trained on European affairs (via training courses, scholarships, press trips...). Unfortunately, these journalists are not those who have so far accompanied the Romanian politicians to the European Council and other decision making visits of the EU Commission, Council or Parliament. We have identified 12 of these journalists and propose to bring them together monthly, along with 12 students, and EU experts in order to built interest and maintain an on-going emulation aimed at creating an understanding of the EU affairs within the public-at-large.

We trust facilitating opportunities for selected journalists to attend Brussels EU meetings and report findings back home.

The objective of "Europa Noastra" is to familiarize all these journalists with the procedures and methods of the European Union.

Nine workshops are set up. A meeting is to take place monthly, alternatively at the French Institute and at the British Council. 12 professional journalists and 12 last grade students at the Faculty of Journalism will take part in these workshops. The 7 main townships of Romania will be represented: Bucharest, Constanta, Brasov, Sibiu, Cluj, Timisoara and Iasi.

Each meeting will be followed by the publication of a newsletter.

The Foundation intends to supplement this activity by press exchanges with their European brethren.

Alternative, this program aims at creating and reinforcing networks among the Romanian journalists and the institutional and business community in Bucharest, at the closing cocktail of each debate.

2. The Ithaka Summer-School : One week training programs on EU affairs to benefit journalists and Journalism students: « What future enlargement for Europe with 2005? Romania's contribution to the European Union »

September 4th-11th 2005

Presentation :

The Ithaka Summer School has the objective to accompany Romania's integration process in the European Union, by integrating the Romanian students in the European debate and by providing the Romanian journalists with the necessary tools to report European Affairs. The summer-school will be held in August 2005, Bucovina, in collaboration with the School of Journalism of Sciences Po Paris.


30 Romanian students : from faculties of journalism and political sciences from Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi and Timisoara;

10 Bulgarian students;

10 European students;

the 12 Romanian Journalists taking part in the program "Europa Noastra", as trainers;

Members of the diplomatic corps;

European journalists, specialists in the EU;

The students and journalists will debate around the subject of the enlarged European Union and of the challenge awaiting Romania:


Simulating negotiation meetings/ role play;

Training on methods of communication;

Essay and press article writing;

At the end of each school session, the foundation will publish a book in the collection « New Words for Europe - Romania ».

Following an opening/reception on Sunday, the program of the week will be:

Day Morning Afternoon
Monday - Conference: « From tabloid to broadsheet : How to improve the quality of information? »
-Romanian Minister for European Integration;
- Director of a Romanian daily newspaper;
- Bernard Volker (IEP, Paris)
- Conference H.E. Mr. Quentin Quayle, the UK Ambassador to Romania. ;
- Practical workshop;
Tuesday - Transatlantic solidarity;
- European security;
- British and French Specialists;
- Simulation of negotiations;
Wednesday - Current EU policies : a British Perspective;
By Philippa Sherrington, Ph.D
- practical workshop;
Thursday - Conference: "Europe & Romania: identities, values and inheritance, socio-cultural approach; by Mr. Stephan Roman, The British Council; - Visit monasteries: Humor, Voronet;
Friday - The European Constitution and the future of Europe; - Holland rep.: the role of the civil society in the European construction;
Saturday -The role of mass media in the European construction, the case of Poland
By Mr. Jasek Saryusz-Wolski, President of Europe-Poland foundation and Philippe Lemaitre;
- Conference -Polish Ambassador to Romania
Mr. Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, the Foreign Minister of Romania
Evening : closing reception;
Sunday - Visit monasteries (optional);

3. « European funding, from aid to structural funds » : a cycle of conferences in major Romanian university centers

These conferences relate to EU aid, intended to become the structural funds, as soon as Romania becomes a member of the EU. The sessions will be coordinated by Mr. Alexis GRESSIER, Task Manager ISPA at the Delegation of the EU in Bucharest, as well as by Mr. Eugen TEODOROVICI general manager of ISPA funds within the Romanian Ministry of Finances.

The conferences will take place in the main University Centres in Bucharest, Constanta, Brasov, Sibiu, Cluj, Timisoara, Iasi and are opened to a large audience: students, institutions and local authorities, administrations. A cocktail will be offered at the end of each conference.

4. The «Leadership for New Europe» Program

The Ithaka Foundation in partnership with EDCO- Greece coordinates «The Leadership for New Europe Program », a one week "executive training program", to benefit political leaders and senior professionals in the private sector, international and non-profit organizations. The purpose of this program is to develop leadership skills, following a program created and run by the Harvard JFK School of Government, which organizes this summer school in Greece, around world key speakers in international affairs. (Guest of honour Mr. G. Papandreou) At the end of the program, participants receive a Harvard certificate.


1. Paris conference: European dynamics in Romania - 2005.

This conference is to take place at the IEP - Institute of Political Studies in Paris and at Romania's Embassy in Paris, in October/November 2005.

The various debates are aimed at a large audience: youngsters: active Romanian students in France, French students; mass- media, NGO-s, the private sector, politics, etc.

Roundtables will evolve around:

Which Romania in which Europe? French - Romanian points of view

The fundamental role of mass- media in the European construction

European security and transatlantic solidarity

Economic development: main factor of integration?

The social corporate responsibility

The future of Europe? The European Constitution, European identity and European citizenship

Day 1, IEP Paris:

18 h.- Amphitheatre (A.D.) IEP Paris;

Debate around the two Foreign Affairs Ministers Mr. Mihai Razvan Ungureanu (Romania) , Mr. Michel Barnier (France).

Day 2, Roumanian Embassy in France:

  • 9h30-10h :Opening reception;
  • 10 h-11h : Debate : «Which Romania in which Europe? French - Romanian points of view;
  • 11h -12h15 : Debate : « The fundamental role of mass media in the European construction»
    Suggested Speakers: Philippe Lemaître (GPlus Europe), Bernard Volker (journalist), Yves-Claude Llorca (director of Agence France Presse Bucharest) , Quentin Dickinson (director of European Affairs at Radio France, Bruxelles), Luca Niculescu (journalist Libération, RFI), Alain Duvergne, Mirel Bran (Le Monde);
    Moderator: Philippe Lemaître (GPlus Europe)
  • 12h30 - 14h30 : press lunch at the Romanian Embassy in France;
  • 15h -16h Round table: «European security and transatlantic solidarities»
    Suggested speakers: Mme. Francoise de la Serre (Le Mouvement Europeen- France) ; Mr. Cornel Codita (TBD)
  • · 16h - 16h15 Coffee break;
  • 16h15-17h Roundtable Economic Development: The necessary mobilization of the business sector in favour of the EU integration. The economic development: main factor of integration?

    Discussions will evolve around the necessity to establish transparent links between the administrative, political and business community. The business sector is too often regarded with mistrust (exacerbated search for profit search at the detriment of the human and social environment, delocalizations, etc). However, business remains one of the main actors of integrating SEE. In this respect, Romania represents an obvious case scenario. At the individual level, this represents acquiring modern professional practices, the access to a higher level of consumption, radical changes in an environment still solidified by the past.

    More specifically in the case of Romania and France, companies such as Carrefour, the BRD-Societe Générale and Vivendi employ a majority of young people, trained within the framework of a FRIM (French-Romanian Institute of Management) representing a real European dynamism in Romania. At the level of the society as a whole, their presence represents an increased role of an integrated youth in modern company dynamics. It should also show a good example causing public, political, administrative institutions to reduce situations of incomprehension and tension. These best practices reveal a major stake at this time: social corporate responsibility.
    Suggested Speakers: Renault, Carrefour, BRD, Orange, Veolia
    Moderator: M. Radu Florescu (Saatchi&Saatchi)
  • 17h - 17h45: Debate : CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility
    The quality of life in tomorrow's Romania depends on choices made today. Businesses play a major part, but the civil society as a whole ought to be more and more concerned and involved. In this respect, it is advisable to study and compare the progress of the most advanced countries on the subject.
    Suggested Speakers: Representatives of the private sector : Mr. Alain Duval (Renault), Mr. Jean Patrice Poirier (Vivendi), Mr. Philippe Rabit (Carrefour), Mrs. Gacek (EBRD), Mr. Dominique Fortin (OSI - France).
    Moderator: M. Dominique Fortin (ORSI) or M. Henri Le Roy ( Fondation Ithaka)

    - Project presentation The OSCR - Observatory for Social Corporate Responsibility (15 min.);

    - The impact of the European Policy on the business sector;
  • 17h45 - 18h Coffee Break
  • 18h - 19h: Debate around Mr. Pierre Moscovici & Mr. Adrian Severin : « The future of Europe ? The European constitution, European identities and European citizenship »
  • 19h: Reception around the two Ministers for the European Affairs at the Romanian Embassy in Paris;

The foundation plans to bring a "Eurobus" - 45 Romanian students from Romania (the seven major townships) to attend this conference and to visit Paris.

2. A similar conference will be organized in London, during the UK presidency to the EU, in cooperation with the British Council and the Romanian Embassy in the UK. (October 2005) Schedule TBD with our partners.

3. June 2005 - Press trip to Paris and Bruxelles

Twelve journalists selected by the program "Europa Noastra" and ten students will go on a press trip to Paris and Brussels. We aim at introducing specialised young Romanian journalists to the European press network . They will be received and accommodated by our partner GPlus Europe (www. gpluseurope.com).


1. «New words for Europe», 2nd Volume.

What is the place of Romania within the New Europe? Young Romanians have their saying.

A compilation of texts will gather the various opinions, positions and wishes of young Romanians regarding the integration of their country in the European Union.

This collection published in three different versions (English, Romanian and French) will be printed in 750 copies and delivered to universities and libraries in Romania and the EU.

2. European funding study; illustration of an ISPA infrastructure funding : reprocessing plant in Piatra Neamt.

As of today, there is no broadly distributed public testimony, to highlight a standard operation of European financing in Romania.

A group of students from The Economics University in Cluj analyze and describe a financing ISPA operation of a plant. The study focuses on a reprocessing waste plant in Piatra Neamt. Upon completion, this case study will be distributed to the various actors involved: local and national authorities, civil servants, companies, decentralized administration, press, etc.

Thus, this publication has both an educational objective and it represents a pilot project for similar future operations.

3. Follow up of the EU Parliament rapport on Romania's progress towards accession

On November 30th 2004, the European Parliament adopted the « rapport about the progresses realized by Romania towards European Integration ». The report was presented by the rapporteur of the European Parliament for Romania, Mr. Pierre Moscovici.

Although optimistic, this rapport asks the Romanian authorities to stress their efforts on several fields: the fight against corruption, the reform of the justice and public administration, the guarantee of the freedom of expression, the fight against poverty, the protection of children and minorities' rights, the protection of the environment, the competition, the process of privatisation, borders control.

With this purpose in mind, the Foundation, in partnership with targeted members of the civil society and the MFA will follow closely the progress of necessary reforms and publish quarterly an informative newsletter addressed to the eurodeputy Mr. Pierre Moscovici..


IV. Our Team

Executive Board

Ramona Calin, president
Monica Botez, project coordinator Romania
Erwann Dumont, project coordinator France
Eugen Enescu, fund raiser
Henri Le Roy, project coordinator Romania
Aline Noguès, project coordinator Romania

Honorary Vice-Presidents

Dr. Robin Baker

Deputy Director General of the British Council

Yves-Thibault de Silguy

Senior Executive Vice President in charge of International Affairs, Corporate Relations and European Affairs - SUEZ. Former EU Commissioner on Economic and Financial Affairs.

Conseillers honoraires

Charles Frank

International consultant for global economics, former Executive Vice President of the EBRD - European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Prof. Nicolae Cajal

President of the Romanian Medicine Academy
President of the Elias Foundation

Sylvia Fuhrman

Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General

Eleanor Sebastian

International Consultant - Ithaka's Advisor on International Policy
Former High-Level Advisor for UNICEF and the World Bank Group.



The visibility of our activities is ensured by strong partnerships engaged with several media group. The foundation associates its sponsors with each of its media partners.

Written Press

GPlus Europe (Paris, Bruxelles, London);

Bussiness Review (Romania);

Ziua (Romania);

Politique Internationale (France);

Dilema Veche (Romania);

Biz (Romania);


Radio France (France);

RFI (Romania);


National Television (Romania);

Realitatea TV (Romania);


NB: This action plan represents only a proposal. Carrying our projects through is pending on available funding. We count on your future partnership and thank you in advance for your generous contribution.

The program may be subject to modifications throughout the year.

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