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Janvier 2006
Conférence Européenne
L'Euro - sept ans après

Novembre 2005
Les scénarios de l'Europe après le rejet du Traité constitutionnel: Quel élargissement ? Quel approfondissement ?

Juin 2005
Table ronde: “Le referendum sur la Constitution europeenne, France, 29 mai, des explications et des consequences”

Mai 2005
Colloque: "De la signature du Traite à une intégration réussie dans l’Europe Unie"

Avril 2005
Conférence à Cluj - "L’Intégration européenne, compte à rebours pour la Roumanie"

Mars 2005
Conference « L’avenir de l’Europe. Quelle Roumanie dans quelle Europe ?»


IGM Scholarship

International Graduate/Master Studies

Fully aware of the need for a highly qualified Romanian leadership class: in both the country’s administration and all those structures working towards Romania’s membership in the Trans-Atlantic structures, and committed to the development and involvement of this class in today’s Romania, the Ithaka Foundation has set up the IGM fund.

The IGM Scholarship works to make its contribution towards providing independent, direct, private grant financial support for Romanian national MA applicants.

We are pursuing this endeavour through the IGM Scholarship and Exchange Award Programme (SEA)

IGM SEA is the tool through which the IGM fund operates a simple, easy to run, accountable and hopefully robust grant funding scheme, in line with other programmes already existing for Romanian nationals, prior to:

- their MA application having been accepted by the respective first tier European schools and Ivy –league US schools and irrevocably accepted by the candidate;

- school fees and tuitions are already paid by or they are covered by an irrevocable obligation to pay by a reputable institution and the process has been endorsed by the IGM fund.

- The MA/exchange applicant can support at 25% of her/his living expenses from alternative financing sources; and

- The MA/exchange applicant has been granted with a study visa (when applicable) covering the duration of her/his studies.

The IGM SEA Trustee Board will carry out the selection and recruitment of the applicants, who, in return, will be required to deliver to the Ithaka Foundation up-to-date information and research under the form of articles, research and preliminary Ph.D research work.

The Ithaka Foundation will clasify and structure relevant information and keep it as its sole property and/or that of Ithaka’s partners, as selected by the IGM SEA Trustee Board.

The IGM SEA Trustees, ex-post receiving documentation acceptable to them confirming that the above mentioned preliminary conditions are fulfilled, or any other additional conditions are reasonably requested by the funding process, will allow the IGM SEA to grant financing and subsequently disburse the proceeds.

To the extent possible, the IGM SEA documentation will include cross-default and similar conditionality wording similar for transactions of this kind.

IGM SEA Trustees will take the funding decisions based on the evidence provided to them.

IGM SEA Trustees will not be held liable by the fund providers for granting funds based on false or faked supporting signatures or the validity of supporting documentation. Semi-annualy, at the beginning and at the end of the MA/Exchange funding cycle, the IGM SEA Trustees will report to the IGM SEA fund providers describing the use of funds and other reasonable information required by the fund providers and available to the Trustees, in compliance with relevant data protection legislation available in the countries of where the IGM SEA fund is operational.

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